1. Flowers at least partly (except on depauperate plants) in dense axillary whorls; corolla yellowish, dotted with purple, the upper lip strongly arched.

M. punctata

1. Flowers all in terminal heads at ends of main stem and branches; corolla bluish, purplish, or red, the upper lip ± straight on top at maturity.

2. Corolla 31–45 mm long, bright red, the upper lip glabrate (especially toward tip) or sparsely pubescent; calyx glabrate at throat (summit of tube within); bracts tinged with red.

M. didyma

2. Corolla less than 30 mm long, lavender to white, calyx densely bearded at throat (the hairs conspicuous between the teeth); bracts usually greenish.

3. Upper lip glabrous to ± pubescent, but hairs at the tip, if present, no longer than the rest.

M. clinopodia

3. Upper lip densely pubescent with a sparse to dense tuft of long, white hairs at tip.

M. fistulosa

All species found in Monarda

Monarda clinopodiaWHITE BERGAMOT 
Monarda didymaOSWEGO-TEA, BEE-BALM 
Monarda fistulosaWILD-BERGAMOT 
Monarda punctataDOTTED MINT, HORSE MINT 


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