Dichanthelium commutatum (Schult.) Gould
Common Name: PANIC GRASS
Synonym: Panicum commutatum
Coefficient of Conservatism: 9
Coefficient of Wetness: 0
Wetness Index: FAC
Physiognomy: Nt P-Grass

Panicum commutatum of Michigan Flora.

Sandy open or somewhat forested ground, apparently not common; all recent records are from SW Michigan 

Our few collections are almost all the somewhat more northern subsp. ashei  (G. Pearson ex Ashe) Freckmann & Lelong, which differs in having narrower leaves mostly 715 mm wide and 615 times as long as wide. A single collection, by W. S. Martinus in 2016, from Berrien Co., is the typical subsp. commutatum with the widest leaf blades 13−23 mm wide, and only 4−6 times as long as wide.



Allegan County
Berrien County
Ingham County
Kalamazoo County
Kent County
Muskegon County
Ottawa County
Wayne County


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